Studio de Gioia - Consulenti del Lavoro


Andrea Davide de Gioia, after a five-year experience with a consulting firm as the responsible for accounting and fiscal areas, specialized in labor consulting and, in 2005, got the registration in the Roll. With the experience acquired working for important multinational companies, he can offer to clients his services as a partner, with innovative systems based on technologic solutions, with a view to reach the best performing results.

The ability to propose functional and specific solutions for the client's needs, differentiates him from the traditional proposal on the market in the field of job consultancy.
Training has a main importance: both internal, to deal with regulatory and technological innovations without worries, and external, aimed at HR offices working in synergy with affiliated organizations and professionals.

At present, the Firm is following 170 clients, going from small size companies to multinationals. The team includes 11 members. For a company of average size, we can supply also the outsourcing service for the personnel management and administration.

Besides continuous development, our strong point is the survey and analysis of labor cost. We can regularly supply cost analysis, through personalized tools in accordance with the client needs, and we can generate bookeeping entries and supply budget and monthly balances with the related variance checking.

The Firm utilizes the Zucchetti Infinity application, a web platform for data transmission is made available to clients, free of charge, also for the inclusion of attendances, if required.

Our ten-year experience enables us to adopt the best solutions for each company, both in terms of organization of data flow, and in the follow up concerning the more sensible themes in connection with the size and operation area of the company. A Firm member is in charge of each company and reports to the internal team of consultants for the control of documentation, in order to grant the best quality of service.

Safety is assured to the client, since the Firm is characterized by an organization system such to grant a constant technical support, even under pressure.

Studio de Gioia - Consulenti del Lavoro